Sunday, December 28, 2008

Benedix and Evelyn


Finally shot my last wedding for this year. This one is for Camwork weddings. The year end has been one hectic month as usual. Here I've posted the slideshow for my last couple of the year - Benedix and Evelyn. The wedding was very beautiful and heart warming. Happy New Year and God bless you all.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

P. Ketam 22.12.08

KL Sentral 8:15am

Joy . Mei Yee

Silhouette of bicycle

Bicycles by the jetty

Worker pushing trolley filled with seafood to be transported by lorry to all over the mainland

Heavy duty iron trolley used to carry the heavy crates filled with seafood from the jetty

Worker transporting goods from the mainland to the ferry

Worker tranporting goods from the mainland to the ferry

Worker busy unloading newly arrived crates from the island

People queing to board the ferry

One of the crates used to transport the seafood from the island

Workers clearing the jetty after a busy morning

View from inside the ferry

The journey take aobut 30mins from Port Klang to P.Ketam
The whole island is a mangrove forest

Kid at the jetty
Bicycles are the main transportation to get aroud the island. No cars allowed

Man and baby by the jetty


There are two main villages in P. Ketam. We got down at Kampung P. Ketam


Coming through!

Amenities like gas and even water are brought in from the mainland

Pink flowers

Spotty staring at the sea

Houses here are brightly painted

Spotty following us. I think she liked us.

Man parking his bicycle

The island got its name from the early Hainanese settlers because the island is a main fishing area for mangrove crabs. The crabs here are gigantic. Each weighs a kg or more
Boy cycling through the alley

Reflection of cyclist

Tourist or visitors to the island can rent a bicycle for RM5/day

Cute kitten

Children and kitten

Fish hooks

Old ladies in the alley

Fat men lazing in front of their shop

There are quite a number of temples in P.Ketam. 98% of its inhabitants are Chinese. There is a small surau near the jetty though

Old lady

The village is built on stilts. Many are quite old like this one

Old bicycle shop

Old bicycle shop

Kid pushing trolley

There are quite a number of Indonesians living on the island. Here the kids are playing outside their house

View of the village

Here there is no limit to the number of passengers on a bicycle

Old lady with mentally handicaped child


A typical house in the island

Water lilies in giant clay jars

Water lily bud

View of the village square

Mei Yee