Thursday, October 07, 2010

Going Low Tech

(All images © CC Lee/LightFrame Photography 2010. All rights reserved)

Yesterday I went into this small photo shop in Inti Nilai and got myself an ultra low tech flash -  National PE-201M for RM45.  It's brand new even though it may be as old as I am. The store owner was gladly surprised that anyone would want to buy the flash! We struck a short conversation about how they used to do printing using enlarger and it's more superior than today's digital scan printing. The door of the battery compartment was stuck to the body and it needed some muscle to get it open. Good thing the boss didn't break it. After a longer than normal charge up time, the flash was awaken from its slumber. Work flawlessly. You'll be wondering what got into my head. Is it just compulsive buying? May be. I have two high tech flash that does almost anything I want them to do but I felt I needed a small simple flash for my low tech Nikon FE. I don't use a flash often with that camera and there were times when I needed flash, I realized I didn't bring it with me because the Nikon SB800 is so big to carry and it doesn't balance properly with the small FE. I've done a lot of searching for a simple tiny flash but to no avail. I found a model offered by Metz but it was simply too expensive. I wouldn't want to go with a China brand either. Finally my quest is over. The flash is made by Panasonic. It takes four AA batteries and recharges quite quickly considering it always fire at full power. I've recently gravitate back to low tech stuff like my Nikon FE, F90X and as for digital my D70 (which is not exactly low tech but by comparison to today's DSLR standard it's ancient). I'm not advocating low tech for low tech sake. I'm not even advocating anything here :) I still use my D700 with the state of the art 17-35 AFS and 70-200 AFS VR for almost all my assignments. Sometimes breaking the mindset that new is always better does help to enhance creativity. Just my two cents.

Note: Photo taken with a D70 and 35mm f1.8 :)

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