Thursday, December 23, 2010

Be Prepared - A Minimalist On Location Fashion Shoot

All images © CC Lee/LightFrame Photography 2010. All rights reserved

Always be prepared! I don't mean over packing your equipments. What I mean is getting as much details about the shoot as early as possible. Last week, I got a call for a photo shoot. It's a straightforward fashion shoot working with two models (model and designer- Nila Palacios and celebrity model, actress and emcee - Chermaine Poo). The location would be in a restaurant. Since it was so last minute, there's not much detail about the place besides its location. Later I found out  it's a new chic fine dining restaurant - Millesime. Cool. But what I forgot to ask being a photographer is the lighting of the place. I should have at least scouted the place. Surprise! The place is dimly lit with black or dark colored walls and furnitures. I also found out that I'll need to shoot the interiors of the restaurant as well. And I didn't even bring my tripod. Details, details... Thank God my Nikon D700 has good ISO performance. I can't imagine doing that with my previous camera - Nikon D2x. The chef offered us some tasting platers. Being an ex chef, I was very impressed with the food. Chef Max has outdone himself. The scallops with black truffles was outstanding. You can check out more food reviews here and here. Now back to the photographic issues. I managed to nail some decent interior shots of the restaurant. While the rest were enjoying the five star food, I was trying hard finding a place to do my shoot. To make matters worse, we were working on a really tight schedule. Decided on the veranda. It has just rained, so the light was soft and diffused. Great I thought. As the models was getting ready, my choice location was hi jacked by some what seems like wine salesmen. The diffused light out side would be perfect with just a touch of fill from a reflector. With my mind going on overdrive trying to find a solution and at the same time pretending to be composed and professional, this was turning out to be much worse than I thought. Finally I decided on a new location - the table near to the entrance. The full length glass panel acted as a huge light box. On the opposite side, was a simple off camera SB800 set on fully manual. I liked the effect on the first model better. When it was Chermaine's turn, my large natural light box decided it's time to call it a day. I wanted to set up another strobe but due to the time constrain I just popped on the diffuser for the SB800 for a more even spread of light in order to avoid harsh shadows on the other side. It worked. Would like to thank Nila and Chermaine for allowing me the pleasure to photograph them and for Chef Max for the food, hospitality and allowing us to use his restaurant. It's the place to go if you're looking for a five star food experience. 

Monday, December 20, 2010

The New Member of LightFrame Photography

All images © CC Lee/LightFrame Photography 2010. All rights reserved
First I'll like to thank God and all my friends, clients and supporters for making 2010 a good year for LightFrame Photography. I was expecting worse because of the economic slow down and the Chinese saying that this year is not a good year to get married. Things turned out pretty well I would say. And there're already a fair number of bookings for next year. Not bad for a new kid on the block. Another special person I would like to thank is my very supportive and lovely wife - Yien Fang. She's always been the gravity that pulls me down to earth every time she sensed that I'm floating out of orbit. The plus point is with the growing business, my wife has also taken up the interest in wedding photography. She's always been a photographer in her own right having gotten her first compact film camera during her teenage years. Being a school counselor, she loves people and seems to possess this special gift of connecting with all sorts of people. Even strangers. I would describe her style of photography as being close and intimate, possessing a subtle human quality often lacking in many photography works. She's great at using just a 50mm lens (her favorite focal length). Her photographs often times became my favorites of the weddings we took together. Having such a talented wife, it would be my loss not to include her into my photography team. Even though her schedule would be tighter next year due to her enrollment in Universiti Malaya doing a master degree in Educational Psychology, she has voiced out her intention to shoot as many weddings as she possibly could handle. 

I'm So Excited!

(All images © CC Lee/LightFrame Photography 2010. All rights reserved)

After clearing most of my digital back logs, I finally have time to scan the rolls of film taken during one of the wedding I photographed two months ago. I'm suprised to find this photograph. The expression on the bride's face really made this photograph special. Will be posting more non wedding film scans soon.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Risk It. U-Turn

(All images © CC Lee/LightFrame Photography 2010. All rights reserved)

Risk It. U-turn. That was the theme for the Fellowship of Evangelical Students (FES) Malaysia National Conference 2010 which has just ended last weekend. This is a once every five years event. Being an associate staff for FES, the pre-conference preparations has kept me very busy especially for the month of November. But it's all worth it. Almost four hundreds participated in the conference. Am really anxious to see the fruit of this conference in turning this student generation towards godly living and nation building. I was also the official photographer for the event. What else could I ask for? I have the best job in the world. Being a FES staff and a photographer. A big thanks to God and all the graduate helpers and FES staffs for making this conference a huge success.